The Brevet

The Brevet

A brevet rank has been bestowed upon soldiers for meritorious effort, without financial gain, since the days of the American Revolution. Comparably, today’s music revolution has rebuilt an artistic landscape in which musicians survive through passion and for the greater good of the audience; not by placing crosshairs on a particular lavish lifestyle or image.

The Brevet is an American alternative rock band born in Irvine, California. Comprised of artists who work in multiple storytelling mediums, the group aims to link their powerful and cinematic music with audiences around the world.

Favorite word?


Have you ever worn a Tux?


Left or Right handed?


Something you consider to be a Wonder Of The World?

Aric's Answer: "Michael's 'serious' face." Michael's answer: "Aric's Abs…"

...it's a toss up really.

Are you a list maker?

Definitely, of all kinds of lists, too. Lists of "To Do's"… List of "How To Ruin Michael's and David's Day/Week/Year/Life" etc… lots of lists :)

Last thing you bought?

Monsters University... that movie is AMAZING! If you haven't seen it, stop reading this and go watch it NOW.

Dog or cat person?

DOG person ...or Buffalo. No cats…EXCEPT for the black cat that wanders around outside our studio. He's okay. We should probably name him… suggestions?

Biggest thing you had to overcome?

Going all in for something with a high likelihood of failure.

What was the inspiration in naming your band after a military rank?

A "Brevet" rank was given for merit and honor and usually without pay…. Kind of like us ;) haha. We are doing this because we love making music that moves others. Not for a pay check, though it is nice to see that people find value in what we create.

Do you have any big tour plans in the works for 2014?

We'd love to play sxsw, but for now we just have plans to play LA/Orange County and we're looking for more.

Interview by Kara Johnson