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12 Monkeys

The Keys
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fRIDAYS @ 9/8 c
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Friday, January 16, 2015
What makes 12 Monkey’s so interesting is that there is only a very thin line when it comes to continuity on the show. Sure, there are some big moments, but the main ingredient that makes this show so compelling is that anything can change when Cole goes backwards or forwards in time and the reality that he comes back to isn’t always coherently the same. 
In episode seven Cole and Cassandra continue on their mission to uncover the truth about Operation Troy. With Aaron on board the duo find information retrieval bit more manageable, but it’s not until the middle of the episode that the true third man comes into play, Time Travel. 
Remember in Harry Potter when Harry and Hermione use the Time Turner to get everything they need done in order to save the day and save Sirius’s life? It’s pretty much the same concept here. I wont say too much about what goes on, but the plague comes into play, Cole and Cassandra seem to come to terms with the downsides of time travel and all the hidden consequences that comes with it, and we get a glimpse at something very wrong with Cassandra since her run in with who IMDB list simply as “Striking Woman and Pallid Man” from the Red Forest episode. 
Things start to become clearer as 12 Monkey’s stops playing around with the concept of time travel and really utilizes it in the main plot within its story. Just another fantastic episode with a cliff hanger that will definitely bring viewers back for more and might even draw in new fans. It’s that good. 
AJ Garcia
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