90210 (Season 1 Finale)

Hilary Duff was first offered the part of Annie Wilson, but declined the role. Shenae Grimes was then cast as Annie.

This is a far cry from it's namesake.  This show isn't TECHNICALLY a remake or a re-hash, but rather a sequel, of sorts as some of the Beverly Hills 90210 characters still exist in this world.  90210 is a WB...err...CW infiltrated version of the beloved guilty pleasure that was the primetime soap of the original.  The show is more of a spawn of The O.C. than BH90210, leaving only the drama, theme music and subtle references.

In this season finale, the non-peach pit gang find themselves at prom, froth with many a scandal; hooking up, parties and pregnancy.  Inexplicably, their prom is being held at the Paramount Pictures lot.  Perhaps the budget was cut, so they just went outside their soundlot and started filming (the show is produced by Paramount, co-parent of The CW).

In the short life this show has had thus far, the dialogue has become a bit more comical, the characters a bit more dry and the storyline a bit more ridiculous.  Meaning, of course, that it has gotten better.  At first, the show attempted to take itself seriously, now it is inching ever closer to the campiness that was the original.  In this episode, we find Debbie and Ryan (Lori Loughlin, Ryan Matthews) getting high, Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) goes into labor, Dixon confronts Ethan about Ethan's feelings for Silver and Naomi and Annie catfight it out and, somewhere along the lines, Shannen Doherty thought that being in a dream sequence means that you have to act horribly. 

I can't give anything away other than to say that the show ends horribly.  It tops off with some bad acting by Shenae Grimes, and "someone" "possibly" dying but I will go ahead and prepare you for the fact that what I just said is NOT really a spoiler as you will, apparently, not know who dies until next season, if you care.

Peter Oberth
Review by Peter Oberth
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