AC Myles: Reconsider Me

Reconsider Me

(AC Myles)
Release Date: 
Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blues rock or maybe it's blue jazz, you could call the music of AC Myles one of those or maybe both, but whichever of the two you pick it's hard not to call his music good. His ear for blues music is well tuned with the guitar riffs that are laid out in the songs and his vocals that put the soul in the songs. Though, AC Myles is not alone on his new album, “Reconsider Me”, his company of other artists include Derrick Martin on the tapping out some steady rhythmic beats on the drums and percussion, Endre Traczy backs up the drum rhythms with is smooth thumping bass chords, then Kid Andersen on the rhythm guitar, Lisa Andersen singing the harmony vocals, and Nate Ginsberg giving the songs a classy sound with his piano and keys.

It's easy to see that I found Reconsider Me a good album, and it is, especially for a blues rock/jazz album. Don't get me wrong, I like that style of music but like all music, each style has a greater impact on the listener when that listener is in the mood for that style of music. For me, blues rock/jazz is one of those styles that I don't get in the mood for often and usually it's when I just want to relax while doing nothing but listening to music. I was able to do that with Reconsider Me but I also played the album while driving in my car and while I was reading and while I enjoyed the music it also didn't distract me or become overshadowed by what I was doing.

What I thought was the best aspect of the songs on this album is that the songs are not being played in the same way. There's change in the tempos, the sounds being produced by all the instruments, and the vocals so that at no time does this album sound like it's repeating itself. This band really does make a good effort in playing different styles in their songs and it shows with each song. For the most part Reconsider Me is a blues rock/jazz album but there was also some hint of country being played in the songs. It's a fun album with songs that are fun to listen to that are filled with upbeat tempos, catchy lyrics, and beats that make you get in a better mood. There's some different sounds being played with the instruments but AC Myles still keeps the heart of blues in his sound, such as doing the slide on the guitar that's all blues. Reconsider Me is a nice blues album with a touch of country in it that has 11 tracks that are fun to listen to.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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