And Soon the Darkness (Blu-ray)

And Soon The Darkness

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, December 28, 2010
Running Time: 
91 minutes

llywood strikes again with this remake of a 40 year old film turning it into a cheap copy of the original and slotting it into the torture genre. The good news is that the film looks good, sounds good, and despite all of its clichés manages to give you half decent delivery.

What else can you expect from a film that takes place in Argentina. There’s water, desert, grasslands, a lush night life. The cinematography benefits from the Blu-Ray technology for the most part. There are a few scenes where color looks a bit drained, aerial external shots mostly. If you’ve seen other torture films like Hostel or Saw there is that distinct genre look about it; a slight tint of grain lingering in the background and poor but intentional lighting issues. Definition is always present though which means what your seeing is really what your meant to see so above mentioned discrepancies are intentional to create atmosphere and to help invest you in the films movement. Audio is excellent delivering a full surround output throwing subtle noise behind and on the side to help create panic and paranoia.

~ Seven Minutes of Deleted Scenes
~Eleven Minutes of a Director Video Diary
~Audio Commentary

AJ Garcia
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