Are We There Yet? - Season 2 (PREVIEW)

Unlike most sitcoms, the production of Are We There Yet? runs on a schedule which allows three episodes to be filmed over the course of a one week period. ~Wiki

Are We There Yet? is loosely based on the second and third film in the big screen franchise starring Ice Cube (Higher Learning) and Nia Long (Big Momma‘s House). Cube’s role of Nick Persons has been taken over by Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris) and Long’s role of Suzanne Kingston (now Kingston- Persons) is taken over by Essence Atkins (How High) as the now settled couple still getting used to the adjustments of being a family. Charlie Murphy (The Chappelle Show) plays Frank Kingston and Ice Cube has a recurring role as Terrence Kingston Suzanne’s brother. The show is directed by Ali Leroi (Everybody Hates Chris).

Let me be quick to admit that I thought the film franchise was terrible. My thoughts were that Ice Cube needed a quick paycheck or something. After having watched these three episodes I’m wondering how Cube’s finances are doing these days because, well, damn. As introductory episodes for me I went in mistakenly thinking that these were the first three episodes of the series (the show has already gone through one season believe it or not). The Mr. Himdependent episode was horrible. Terry Crews doesn’t make to far a departure from his Julius character on Everybody Hates Chris which is actually a good thing and the kids (the best parts of the show) are great but everyone else should be ashamed. Charlie Murphy seemed absolutely uncomfortable and looked as if he was auditioning for a part he’d already snagged and Essence Atkins hammed it up. Chris Finnegan had to have been the worst and most unnecessary character of the bunch. Just terrible.

Production-wise I had to wonder weather or not Nickelodeon had anything to do with the show. The sets and the way the camera’s moved around looked very similar to old shows like Keenan and Kel or All That. Plus what was up with all the Nick Cannon jokes (Cannon got his big break on All That)? The place just didn’t have that lived in feeling which made the poor acting all that much more noticeable and removing. Fortunately by the third episode (The She Got Game Night episode) veteran TV actress Telma Hopkins (Family Matters) and veteran TV actor David Rasche (Sledge Hammer!) put a little know how into the show. Still, they can’t do it every week and I don’t see this show getting any better. Make the parents scarce and put the kids at the forefront. That’s the only way I see this show moving on. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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