Aurin: Catharsis


Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Having been in the music review game for awhile now I’ve learned to ignore the impulse to assume a band is going to sound a certain way based on their artwork, album title or even song titles. It’s a surefire way to shoot yourself in the foot and completely setting a mood that may bias your entire review. 
That being said I simply jotted down Aurin’s album, Catharsis, on a flash drive and plugged it into my car as I headed back to work. 
My first impression of the band was that they were one of those great bands that has one foot in the music business and one foot in the wild unsigned world of passion playing. Their album has a very raw power behind it.
Drummer Linda Medina is simply explosive and guitarist Andrew Wayne’s presence is both power and experimental and fits well with bassist Joe Palamara, who both keeps rhythm as well as throws in the occasional odd jazz-like curve that meshes well in the busy world of Catharsis. Rounding the band out is vocalist Sarah Anderson who delivers the bands message with a nice range that will remind most casual metal heads of Evanescence, more adventurous listeners of Amaranthe, and even old guys like me of Joan Jett back her heyday (but that’s up to speculation). 
The overall feel to the album is somewhat common. There are some songs about anger, songs that dig a bit deeper in the dark, but a little research on the band and you’ll quickly discover their passion and activism for such topics as bullying, suicide, and all the in-between isms that coexist within those dark frames. In short, the band gives substance through action which makes me believe in their message all the more and not bulking them in with the many, many bands out there that hit on the same topics in their melancholy and seemingly fall in fashion. 
The only real quirks I had with the album were some out of step sounding tracks like Hysteria which sounds a bit muddled and treble heavy and the breakdown at the end of Over which sounds a bit off in the timing on percussion. Hardly anything truly noticeable aside from my take on Hysteria, but overall definitely an album that will keep your head bobbing and your want for heavy music well fed. Definitely check Aurin out. 
AJ Garcia
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