Baby Driver

Baby Driver

In Theatres: 
Jun 28, 2017
Running Time: 
113 minutes

Georgia has been home to an increasing number of film productions over the past few years thanks to generous tax incentives, but rarely has Atlanta and the surrounding areas been actually represented as such, instead standing in for the likes of New York, some other city, or even deep space. Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver puts Atlanta front and center as he conducts a high octane thrill ride that weaves together a symphony of action, cars, and music into one of the best films of 2017.


There is no better driver in the city than “Baby” (Ansel Elgort) which is why the criminal mastermind Doc (Kevin Spacey) always hires him as his getaway driver when planning a heist, even though he never uses the same crew twice. Despite his talent, Baby is only working for Doc because he owes him. Once he earns enough money to repay back his debt, he’s out. He’s even met a cute waitress, Debora (Lily James), who he wants to drive off into the sunset with. Unfortunately for him, Doc isn’t going to give up his best driver without a fight.


Baby suffers from tinnitus so he is always wearing earbuds and listening to music on his iPod to drown out the ringing. This plays directly into the film as the music directly syncs up with what is happening on screen. Audiences hear everything that Baby hears. Remember the iconic scene from Shaun of the Dead where Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” plays in the background as the group fight off a zombie? Now imagine an entire movie like that. It’s amazing, and Edgar Wright pulls it off with absolute perfection.


The soundtrack is incredible. Every piece of music used in the film has been carefully selected for a particular scene. Not only does the music sync up to the actions, but the lyrics have meaning in the story as well. Sometimes they’re a literal description of what’s going on; other times they might just reference something mentioned earlier. Baby Driver a masterful ballet of music, comedy and action where every single moment fits perfectly into place. Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Eiza González, and Jon Bernthal fill out the rest of Doc’s crew for this one heist, and they are all delightfully entertaining.


If you’ve seen any of Edgar Wright’s other films than you know his scripts are extremely sharp and witty. Baby Driver is no exception. The dialogue is spectacular, and the editing is extremely tight, allowing for a film that smoothly flows from one scene to the next. There’s never a dull moment in the film, whether it’s Doc explaining the details of an upcoming heist or Baby walking down the street to get the crew some coffee. Every scene is packed full of details so you’ll no doubt want to watch the film again and again to take it all in.


Atlanta is on full display as Baby Driver uses the city streets as its playground. It’s not just being able to recognize familiar places, either. The entire city it intertwined into the script with locations and references playing a key role in the film. No other film says Atlanta more than Baby Driver. As an Atlanta native, it’s absolutely wonderful to see on screen.


Baby Driver is a love song to film and one of Edgar Wright’s best works. It’s a non-stop adrenaline rush through the streets of Atlanta that defies all expectations. This is one film you don’t want to miss.

Matt Rodriguez
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