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Baka & Test:

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

 Baka and Test is back with another release. This time the Class F rejects are sporting a two OVA adventure in the OVA Special Collection. Short, but most definitely hilarious and a good dose of that very awesome anime mish mash of styles that’s made Baka and Test a pleasurable feast for the eyes.

In this two part OVA Class F is forced to join the rest of the school in coming up with individual idea’s for the Refreshing Festival the school holds every year. They’d rather sit around or go outside to play baseball, but of course their forced to join in.

Though everyone in class has some interesting idea’s the group decides to open a Café, and the good news is, they can buy new school equipment with the money. Good thing too since Mizuki’s father plans on sending her to a different school since her class is so poor and their equipment so shoddy. It’s all the inspiration the class needs to do the best job they can making as much money as they possibly can. Unfortunately there’s a catch.

In order to keep the money they’ve made in the Café the group must win the Summoner Test at the end of the Refreshing Festival. It won’t be easy going up against the smarter classes but with training and a few dirty tricks they may just pull it off.

If you’ve seen Baka and Test before you’ll know that the show doesn’t find it’s anime style and just stick with it. The anime styles in this show bounce from style to style. During the more dramatic scenes characters will be flush with a solitary color while they stand before a black background. Grain is present in these scenes. In other scenes the class is either outside or near a window that’s allowing light to shine in on them flushing out their color a bit. There are some other interesting concepts that muck with the picture quality a bit, but it’s all in the name of art. It’s experimental and fun to watch the change ups. You can either say it’s a downgrade for the picture quality or just roll with it. I say roll with it. It’s too odd a show to give it a mark down for the crazy stuff it attempts all in the name of enhancing the experience.

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