Being Human (US): Season 1 (BLU-RAY)
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Making of, What Would You Choose, Interviews, and Being Human at San Diego Comic-Con

Going to work, paying the bills, cleaning house, and going on a date can be both fun and a pain but it’s part of being a human. For the 3 roommates Aidan (played by Sam Witwer), Josh (played by Sam Huntington), and Sally (played by Meaghan Rath) going through the normal routines in life has taken a backseat to not ripping apart a person or draining them of their blood. After being turned into a vampire during the Civil War, Aidan now tries to keep his bloodlust from taking over where he’s out of control but with having his mentor Bishop (played by Mark Pellegrino) taunting him could lead to his eventful downfall. For Josh he has no way to control his animal side as he becomes a warewolf once every four weeks. While the two friends try to deal with their animal sides they will find the time to help their dead ghost roommate Sally as she deals with being dead. For these three all they want to is a way of Being Human.

Being Human is a show that when I first heard about I didn’t have any interest in watching. A plot of a vampire, warewolf, and a ghost living together as they try to cope with the fact that they are monsters, well two are monsters and one is just a ghost, but the point is the show didn’t sound like it would be good. After watching the first season on Blu Ray I have to say that my initial theory on the show was way off base. Being Human might be about how a vampire, warewolf, and ghost are dealing with being monsters but the show had some good storylines.

Though it’s nothing new being done here, the story still involves the same old woe’s me I’m a monster that doesn’t want to be one so I will fight it but sometimes I just lose control over myself. That is all here but what makes this bearable to watch is that it’s not laid on too thickly and it’s gets split up between the characters so I’m not being forced to hear the same character whining. There are times that I did get a little fed up and annoyed with the character Josh’s amount of whining throughout the season. Where the character Aidan was mainly about not being a part of a vampire family he didn’t whine about being a vampire whereas that’s all the character Josh did on the show.

Even with the normal amount of whining that is put into the characters there’s also the underlying theme of them just being human. This is what allowed me to like the show, the fact that they characters where just dealing with normal everyday life while also throwing in the ordeals that vampires, warewolves, and a ghost have to deal with. At times the plot didn’t go anywhere but the individual episode still held some appeal. Though I didn’t care much about Sally the ghost, the character didn’t give much to the show. Here is a character that can’t do anything other than poof around talking to the other two characters but did nothing else. Having her in the show as support for the main two characters would sound like it’s good but as the show progressed Sally was just boring.

Also the took a little too long to give the history of both of the characters. I wanted to know more about how both characters became a vampire and warewolf, though how Sally became a ghost was easy to figure out from the get go. Considering that Aidan and Bishop are characters that have been around for hundreds of years there should be a lot of back stories that could be told. However there’s hardly nothing told, not enough, there should have been more. Though when it was given, like the one episode that gave some background on Bishop the story was overshadowed by the fact of getting to see Josh in his warewolf form. This was also a let down for me, not getting to see Josh being a warewolf more. I know that the budget can’t give me the special effects that I would like to see but it could have been given a bit more and a bit sooner than it was.

Where at first I thought there was going to be 3 main characters, Being Human is really about one main character, the vampire, with 2 supporting characters the friend the warewolf and the lingering ghost who pose more as a conscious rather than a character. At times the show tries to give more to the other characters but even when they are given more time they still become only supporting characters. Still the show has a cast, supporting or not, that is strong and work well with each other. By the end of the season I was liking more of the last episodes over the start of the show. The end of season is much stronger than that beginning but having the strong ending made me want to see more of the show. While I did get a little annoyed with how the show seemed to center more about Aidan, I took it with a grain of salt because vampires are what is in at the moment. Having the strong actors that give life to these undead characters made the show decent to watch, the writing in it is better than what I expected, and though there are few special effects shown when they are it was pretty cool. Overall a fun show to watch that took my expectations away and left me with a new show to watch.

Again, this show gave me what I wasn’t expecting, a really good looking show. Most shows on Blu Ray do look good, well ones that are being made in the last few years that is, but there is always that chance and occurrence where the show looks no different than it would on standard television sets. Not with Being Human, the show has a very sharp and clear picture quality to it that surprised me at how well good it did look. The only instance that I saw of grain in the picture was done on purpose to simulate what a home video camera looked like. Though there’s no jaw dropping cinematography given on the show it still looks really good. Better in fact than some of the movies that I’ve seen that boast being filmed in high definition but when it’s shown it looks no different than what I see on tv. Sadly though this Blu Ray does not include that many bonus features. For the ones that are on the collection I do like, they’re fun, they gave me a look at the Comic-Con that I didn’t get to be at, but having 3 good features don’t make up for only having 3. 

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