Bernie (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 44 Minutes
Did You Know?

Real residents of Carthage, Texas who knew the real Bernie Tiede and Marjorie Nugent appear in the film providing commentary on the events.

 The first time I saw Bernie I loved it. It’s classic Linklater, Jack Black as you’ve never seen him before, and a story too good to be true, though it is. It made me laugh, shocked me, and overall left me completely satisfied with my experience. I’ve got nothing bad to say about the film itself. So what have I got to say about the Blu-Ray transfer for the film?

Honestly the transfer is amazing with only small hiccup and that is an issue I had with the color. Definition is amazing throughout. You’ll find it hard to find a stronger picture as far as definition goes. Color, when it applicable is amazingly warm and very natural. So what’s all the fuss about my issue with the color?

There are certain scenes in the film that throw off skin color. It offers up a red shade of skin color and a yellowish hue to the overall picture. At best I can only describe it as an overabundance of warmth and possibly an issue with lighting. In an interior scene where Jack Black is in church doing his thing the color scheme feels washed out with a yellowish tint. Maybe this is just the natural hue of natural lighting, but it just looks off. Some interviewees also get washed over with a strange deviation in the color scheme as they give their two cents. It’s a noticeable flaw but it never interferes with the overall HD quality of the picture other then color.

Audio is sharp for this picture. While it is mostly a dialogue driven film there are some key Jack Black scenes where Black sings as you may have never heard him before. The guy is just awesome and it seems there is no limit to the range he has in his voice. Definitely worth checking out for that aspect alone.

~Three featurettes, two of which focus on Black’s singing, the other on the interviewees of the film.
~Deleted Scenes

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