Bill Curreri: Son of an American Dream

Son of an American Dream

(Bill Curreri)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
"Son of an American Dream" is the new ablum by Bill Curreri. The title says it all for this ablum, songs that are an appreciation of being an American and living dream of such. Bill Curreri along with Sammy Merendino and John Putnam have created an set list of songs that are an Americana that tells of a blending of feelings from love to troubles of life. Bill Curreri has made an album that in the form of songs gives an idea of what life in America is like, at least life in the heartland can be like. These songs will give you a taste for wanting to be out on a back road driving around as you contemplate your life.
I would have to say this is an album of songs of contemplation of a life in America. It's not patriotic, though I suppose in a way it could be considered as such, but it's more of just a life setting style of songs. Bill Curreri sings about what most artists sing about, love, having and not having, getting and losing, but he also sings about freedom and loss. The style of music on this album can be hard to make sound true and heartfelt and Bill Curreri and the rest of the members have done just that. I didn't get all misty eyed and none of the songs gave me a lump in my throat, but there's a relation to the lyrics that I experienced while listening to the songs. 
What I liked about this album is that Bill Curreri is able to have a range of emotions in the songs without making the songs have a sappy feel to them. They also have a solid set of harmonies to them and steady beats but it was the guitar work of John Putnam that I enjoyed the most. There's solid guitar riffs being played, though nothing where you will break out in air guitar, but they support the rhythm of the songs. My only problem with this album comes with the pitch of the vocals. At times I thought they could have had a more deeper tone to them and a quicker tempo. They are decent vocals and they keep the emotional levels at a good heartfelt feeling.
Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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