Bob the Builder: Ultimate Can-Do Crew Collection

Bob the Builder

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fans of Bob The Builder will get a kick out of the Bob the Builder: Ultimate Can-Do Crew Collection. The set comes with 10 episodes that are surely fan favorites and two bonus games. Kids will learn all about teamwork, taking responsibility for mistakes you’ve made, and working hard to make sure the job you do reflects who you are. 

Kids who love Bob the Builder are going to eat this collection up. While some of the episodes are repeats from previous outings the fact is there are 10 episodes all housed under one roof. Parents will also love the set because it’s both quantity and quality. Amazon sells the release for a minuscule $6.99. If you’re a parent that purchases kids shows on DVD for your little ones you know that you usually pay more for half of what your getting here. At this price it’s a steal with over an hour of show, plus the two bonus feature games. You just can’t go wrong. 

Episodes on the disc include:

~Pilchard In A Pickle: Pilchard the cat is missing. Maybe?

~Wendy’s Busy Day: When Bob catches a cold Wendy must step in to make sure all of the teams assignments are finished.

~Bob’s Barn Raising: Bob must fix a run down old barn before an in-coming storm halts the teams progress and leaves Farmer Pickles all wet.

~Wendy’s Tennis Court: Spud is looking to be helpful, but causes more harm then good when he attempts to help set up the net for the newly finished tennis court. 

~One Shot Wendy: Bob and the team have been hired to help build a miniature golf course. Bob loses the instructions for one prop and somehow ends up making a huge mistake. 

~Dizzy The Sheepdog: Dizzy comes across a herd of sheep and their sheep dog. Can he too become a sheep dog?

~Mr. Bentley, Dog Sitter: Mr. Bentley ends up dog sitting the mayors dog but ends up losing it. Can Bob and the crew help find the dog before it’s too late.

~Travis’ Busy Day: When a storm topples a tree on Farmer Pickles shed Travis and Spud must help clean up.

~Muck’s Surprise: Mr. Bentley has asked Bob and the crew to build he and Mrs. Bentley a summer house, but it has to be kept under wraps. Muck is left to do tasks on his own and Spud keeps questioning him about what the surprise is.

~Trix and the Bug: When Bob is asked to build an outside movie house to show a film about giant invader bugs some of the crew are scared. A certain prop being hauled through town puts them on edge. 

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