Brüno (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Monday, May 21, 2012
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 28 Minutes

How do you top the hilarity of Borat? You push the line over the edge, down the cliff, pour gasoline on it, and light it on fire. Picture everything you saw in Borat, turn it flaming gay with sexual jokes that would make the writers of South Park blush and you’ve got Brüno. I honestly have no idea how they got away with an R rating on this one.

Story-wise, this film skewers the fashion world and also highlights elements of homophobia around the globe. But unlike Borat, this one has a more polished look and feel. It’s already been discussed elsewhere ad nauseum, but there is a sense that Cohen usual method of subterfuge in filming his interviews didn’t work quite as well this time around. The dude is definitely working against his own success with this format, so I’m curious to see where he’s going to go from here.

Terrific quality. Good clarity and vibrant colors. Obviously this is a mockumentary, so there’s not much to highlight here in terms of special effects or incredible camera work.

The bonus features include:
-    Deleted, alternative, and extended scenes
-    An interview with Hollywood agent Lloyd Robinson.
-    Behind-the-scenes video commentaries

I’ll give Cohen this: he’s got cajones of steel. Half of this movie makes you wonder how he made it out of certain scenes alive: interviews in the Middle East, an appearance on a pre-dominantly black talk show with an adopted African baby named O.J., and a make-out scene in the middle of an ultimate fighting ring.

But in the end, I really can’t recommend this because of the graphic content involved. Yes it’s used in a comedic manner, but it’s so over the line to be overkill in the extreme.

Jeremy Hunt
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