Constantine (Deluxe Edition)


On DVD: 
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Running Time: 
121 minutes

John Constantine roams the world trying to keep the balance between good & evil, God & Satan consistent and earn his way into heaven. But the battle is not easy and it seems that the balance is quickly being altered when demons are crossing over into plains they should not. Angela Dodson is a detective that recently suffered the loss of her twin sister who committed suicide. Angela will not accept that as an answer which leads her to Constantine and in the middle of a war.

Keanu is always a 50/50 shot for me whether he will suck or actually act (well you know Neo monotone style), I was surprised that he chose to act in this one (not his best performance but still decent). Rachael Weisz is charming and does a wonderful job as well. The story has some weak points and a few dragging spots; but there are some interesting concepts thrown out there too. I loved what they did with the angel Gabriel (played by Tilda Swinton) making it seem like a cross dresser and a little out there mentally. Some of the CGI in the movie actually looked decent of course there were other times it didn’t look that great. This movie reminded me a little of The Prophecy and The Order without ripping them off. However I have heard that fans of the comic books are greatly disappointed in the movie. I have never read the comic books so that may be why I found entertainment out of this. If you are a fan of the comics though I would encourage you to read other reviews before you see it. This DVD also includes a comic book, 18 minutes of deleted scenes & an alternate ending, a look at the making of the Hell creatures, a making of, Perfect Circle video, trailers, and commentary.

Review by Pandora
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