Dark Water (Unrated Edition)

Dark Water

On DVD: 
Monday, December 26, 2005
Running Time: 
103 minutes

Dahlia Williams finds her life turned upside down when her husband cheats on her and they are getting a divorce. Now her and her daughter have to find a new place to live to start their life over. They find an apartment that is a little old and has some repairs to be done; but other than that it seems fine. However soon they start to hear noises above them, water starts leaking, and odd things start happening. Soon Dahlia is worried about the invisible friend her daughter has; but that is nothing compared to what is about to happen.

First piece of advice I can give you is don’t go in expecting a horror or thriller; this is more of a dark story about a mother’s love. There is little to no suspense throughout, I mean really how scary is water leaking in your apartment. There is some decent acting; but after awhile it just starts to get on your nerves as Dahlia goes crazy. I haven’t seen the original but I can only assume that something was lost in translation here. The bonus features include some deleted scenes, a look at the sounds that made this movie not even the tiniest bit scarier, a look at the big action scene where water, get this, comes down the walls (on a side note they didn’t even have it planned & did it at the last moment without this there would have been no action), a making of, and interviews with the cast.

Review by Pandora
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