Death Race 3: Inferno (BLU-RAY)

Death Race 3: Inferno

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Running Time: 
106 minutes
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Alternate Opening, Racing for Death, Art Imitatin Life, Pocket BLU

The most famous driver in the Death Race, Carl Lucas a.k.a. Frankenstein (played by Luke Goss), is only one win away from freedom. It's also the race that might actually finish in the unkillable driver when he is sent to the Kalahari Desert for one of the most grueling races he's been in. With his crew hating him, Carl is not sure he can trust his teammates to help him through the race that is sure to kill him even on the best of terms. Facing off against other drivers that are out to kill him, Carl also has to deal with the powers that put on the Death Race who want to see Frankenstein lose at any cost.

I like this, "The rules are simiple, drive or die.", it's funny, it's catchy, and it's corny but it works, that is if it's meant to make me laugh. That also goes for Death Race 3: Inferno because I was laughing more then anythign else while watching this movie. When I wasn't laughing I was wondering how this movie was made or why it was made. Ok, I know why it was made, money, what other reason would a movie that has nothing different from the first 2 movies get the green light? Putting the race in the Kalahari Desert gave the movie a different location to shoot at but did it really matter that the environment looked different? No.

Here's the thing, the background was in a desert, it's got sand, it has more jumps for the cars and trucks to do, and it's all wide open where we can see the vehicles more but it's the same movie. How could it be any different? The plot is about a guy who wears a mask that's in prison where he has to win races to win his freedom but of course when he's about to win the people who put the race on don't want him to win because he brings ratings up. The races involve the same structure to the screen where the race starts, we get a lot of crashes, people exloping and getting run over, explosions, and then the end of the race. There's also the fights between convicts, some eye candy, which here in Death Race 3 is Tanit Phonenix's character Katrina Banks wearing some revealing shirts as well as getting in a big all out brawl with a bunch of women, and lets not forget the ones in control trying to kill everyone for higher ratings. It's all the same from the first two movies, which makes it almost pointless to watch.

Inferno’s first downfall was when the race first begins around 30 minutes into the movie. Too much of nothing happens between the opening and the start of the race making for a very lack luster half hour. This movie is called Death Race, this is the third movie in the series, and all that happens in the first half hour is people talking about a race. This movie tries to be intense with having the first half hour about getting Carl Lucas to do what he’s told but it’s boring. What’s worse than waiting a half hour for the race to start is that it’s predictable. The action scenes are the same as the other 2 movies and the acting is just as stale. For a movie that should be a guilty pleasure with all kinds of violence and high octane car scenes turned out to be slow, boring, and just another movie that tried to be something it’s not, good.

Sometimes having a movie with good detail will actually hurt the outcome more than help it. With Death Race 3 it’s more on the hurting side than helping because now I was able to see how low budget the effects were. With the right amount of money the graphics used can look real but this is not the case because it’s clearly seen when a fake dummy is put in place of a real person and when just some CG blood is used. Though I suppose it’s a good thing that the picture quality is clear enough to bring out the poor CG, which this Blu Ray does, so I’ll give it that. Coloring is nice where the browns of the sad is shown off quite nicely but there is some grit and noise in the blacks. It’s not a whole lot but it can be seen in the picture. Death Race 3 wasn’t a impressive movie but at least it was shot in 1080p to highlight that it was boring.

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