Desperate Housewives: Season Eight (PREVIEW)

Desperate Housewives

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

When last we left the inhabitants of Wisteria Lane one couple were separating while another was being drawn closer together after, of all things, a murder. It’s probably not the best time for one of the ladies to get intimately involved with a detective, especially since one of them is about to lose their cool. It’s just another average couple of days on TV’s most notorious street, but will the show go out with a bang, this being it’s final season, or will this interestingly funny story arc coming tumbling down?

Right as soon as the episode ended I had wrapped the season up in my head. I’ll be very surprised if it turns out any differently, and I’ll be honest, the way we reached the end of this particular episode was a bit loose. The show begins with the ladies coming together to find a solution to Carlos murdering Gabrielle’s step father. Gabrielle of course doesn’t want Carlos to go back to prison, one thing leads to another, and the Wisteria gang is neck deep in scandal, one so big one of them is finding it hard to cope. Will they unravel what’s been done and put them all in prison? Maybe. Meanwhile Bree’s new detective boyfriend pops up sporadically throughout the episode and you can pretty much follow a pattern between when the show turns from engaging dramady to kitchen sink wackiness that is a bit of a turn off every time we see his character. Hard to explain moments turn into buffoonery in a heartbeat and it’s here where the show requires the most suspension of disbelief. Still there are plenty of laugh out loud moments. For example my favorite of the episode was when Renee attempts to school Lynette in seduction or when Susan subs for the day and has to deal with the death of the class pet. The show can be great which is a shame that some of this episode simply falls to the wayside for a few moments.  

Overall the opening episode for season eight will draw you in, teetering on the flat out hilarious to the emotional. I enjoyed myself with this episode, probably more then I should have, then I did shaking my head questioning the writing. If you’ve been along for the ride with this show chances are your going to enjoy yourself regardless, but if you’re a newbie or someone like me who just periodically pops in to see what’s happening you won’t be disappointed. It’s an interesting start to the end of Desperate Housewives, unless the show gets grabbed up by another station who realizes its extended potential, and only time will tell if its going to go where I think it is and no doubt where several others will assume its going. Hopefully the show goes out a bit more clever then that but without a doubt the ride there will be fun.

AJ Garcia
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