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Dirty Jobs

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Once again, Mike Rowe is on a quest to find the dirtiest and most disgusting jobs on the planet. In season 4, he'll go to new heights and lows in order to get the best, or should I saw worst, shot possible. Thank goodness television doesn't have the ability to transmit smell or else things would have been quite different.

Like the previous three seasons, Mike Rowe explores the ins and outs of some downright dirty jobs. From a Diaper Cleaner to Worm Grunter, there is no job too foul or too absurd for him to take on. I should also mention his crew as well because they are right there with him. This season, they have more camera time than before whether they're getting mocked by Mike or put in awkward camera positions. They're an important part of the show and it's clearly made apparent.

Some of the episodes don't actually appear all that dirty. For every animal renderer there's glass maker to make it seem not that bad. While they are interesting and entertaining nonetheless, they aren't that dirty. One of the best episodes of the season actually isn't dirty at all but dangerous. Mike and the crew travel to Hawaii where they join a group of high-rise window washers. They get some amazing and beautiful shots for this episode and it comes highly recommended.

Season 4 of Dirty Jobs is more of the same. Mike gets down and dirty and then asks viewers to send in letters telling him about whatever job they have. If you've watched any episode of the show before, you'll know what I'm talking about. There will no doubt be an abundance of dirty jobs and I'm sure we'll find Mike Rowe in close proximity. Oh, and a word for the wise; don't eat before or during the show. You'll thank me later.

Matt Rodriguez
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