District 97 Featuring John Wetton: One More Red Night Live in Chicago

One More Red Night Live in Chicago

(District 97 Featuring John Wetton)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I've been trying to figure out how to open up this review with talking a little about the album I have been listening to but in my search to find out about the album, all I got was more confused. The label that this CD is going by is called, District 97 with John Wetton, One More Red Night, Live in Chicago. Seems simple enough, it's a band called District 97 with John Wetton right? I thought so but then I go to the site about the album and find out that it's District 97 performing songs of King Crimson with the former vocalist of the band John Wetton.
So, the album is almost kind of like a tribute album to King Crimson with the help of one of the members from the band. It also features an American Idol semi-finalist Leslie Hunt playing prog rock songs live in Chicago. Though I don't know who any of these musicians, not even Leslie Hunt ( I don't watch American Idol and ignore anything about it), I must say the music is being played well. When the first song played my first impression was that this band likes to have fun with their music and by the time I finished it I was sure they did.
For a live concert the songs are played well with a decent sound quality. There are some rough moments in the music but it's a live concert so it's not going to have a polished edge that a studio album does. But that's also part of the appeal of a live concert is the rough edges, especially when they still have a good sound to them. These songs are fun to listen to with a good amount of punch to them that makes them get the attention of the listener. District 97 might a little difficult in finding out who they are but listening to the songs is easy to do.

Lee Roberts
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