Dylan Howe- Subterranean: New Design's on Bowie's Berlin

Subterranean: New Design's on Bowie's Berlin

(Dylan Howe)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Dylan Howe, son of Yes Guitarist Steve Howe (who also appears on the album), releases an instrumental Jazz tribute to David Bowie’s albums Low and Heroes, both produced in 1977.
I used to own every single album from David Bowie back in my teenage years all the way up into my late twenties, but listening to this album, probably for any fan, will probably require a refresher course. Instead of pulling up the albums I simply sat back and listened. 
Subterranean is a unique perspective on Bowies work (I did go back and pull the albums a bit later on down the line). I liked how the music reflected slightly altered soundscapes that morphed idea’s from the original works by substituting different instruments or even instruments in place of sound effects such as wolves. 
If you’re a jazz fan you’re going to love the album regardless of weather or not you can grasp the concept of Bowies work. Howe and company provide such a tantalizing soundsphere of complex drum sequences, jovial horns, flittering piano, and simplistic yet heavily constructed guitar work. Alone the instruments seem to fly off on adventures all their own, but together the sound is a canvass of thought provoking passages that will inspire the imagination. 
My advice is to definitely, even if you have to pull up the individual tracks on youtube, listen to the original work and then come back to this album to have your mind blown. My favorite contrast between songs has to be Some More. Simply genius stuff. I highly recommend. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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