Fake Off Season 1 (PREVIEW)

Fake Off

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Monday @ 10 ET/PT
Air Date: 
Monday, October 27, 2014
Fake Off is part of the new Fall line up for TruTV. It’s an America’s Got Talent formatted show which features three judges: Harry Shum Jr. (Glee), Michael Curry (Cirque du Soleil) and Chilli (TLC). Improvisational acts appear on the show, armed with a randomly picked theme they must act out, and the rest is up to them. Be they acrobats, mimes, dance crews, or theater troupes, they must both impress the judges as well as the audience, who votes at the end of the show to see what one group wont make the cut. 
I had the privilege of viewing the first two episodes of the series. The opening episode for the show was, let’s just say, a little rough. My main issue with the show was that judges seemed to be blown away by everything they saw. Despite the horrendous format of American Idol, in which one guy gets to play the completely intolerable jerk of the panel, this group contained people who seemed to nice to be actually critical. That hurt the show a lot for me. 
Coming in to yet another reality talent show I admit I was a bit jaded. There’s a huge amount of skepticism when it comes to reality shows and me. However, the win or lose factor, at least for the at home audience, really sits with the performances of the acts on the show. They’re not recreating already existing performances and they’re not being lead simply to work in the latest pop culture sale. The performance is created and acted out by the acts win or lose. That’s respectable. 
By the second episode I think the judges had gotten into the spirit of things. Production of the show wasn’t bothered with showing contestants hollering the shows name and acting overly excited but rather dealt with the behind the scenes magic as well as provided a good angle on the magic of the performances on stage. It was clean, it was enjoyable, but most of all it was entertaining watching the acts play out with shadow play, before giant digital images as well as amongst huge props. There was even a story here and there between performers that seemed pretty interesting. 
Is it just another reality show talent contest? Yes, but I think it works a lot better due to the fact that it isn’t trying to promote a celebrity judges career or a music artists brand. This is all talent unshackled by popular culture and set free to create and be judged on their execution and design. Worth checking out.  
AJ Garcia
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