Fast & Furious 6

The latest in the ever growing series about criminals and fast cars comes to Blu-ray and DVD in the shadow of losing one of it's stars in tragedy. Fast & Furious 6 continues the upward swing of the franchise and is well worth watching.

When the original film The Fast & the Furious came out in 2001, it could have been just another minor high adrenaline action film to while away a couple hours of the summer in the cool of a dark movie theater. But something about the film, more than just the hot cars, caught on with the public, driving this $38 million budget film to a $200 million box office. Personally, I think what really caught on were the leads, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Which is why I lost a little interest in the series. Paul was still good, but with Vin, the movie felt like it was missing something. When the series went to Tokyo, I bailed, and so did a lot of the audience. America, it seemed, was tired of movies about cars.

The fourth film, Fast & Furious, started to angle the movies more toward the heists. There were still fast cars, but they were just a piece of the larger story. And with Paul and Vin both back, the series had its magic once again. Fast Five would launch the series fully into heist movie as the team steals $100 million from a criminal kingpin.

Which brings us to Fast & Furious 6.

Picking up where 5 left off, Brian (Paul Walker) is about to become a father, and Dominic (Vin Diesel) gets a visit from Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) letting him know that he needs help taking down a group of thieves using tactics not dissimilar from Dom's old crew, and Letty, who was believed dead two films ago, has gotten mixed up with them. All the old crew comes back to help rescue Letty.

The movie almost never slows down, which has been the trademark of the F&F series. It jumps from driving action to shoot out to fist fight back to driving. This film also finally answers the burning question of how Han, introduced and killed in Tokyo Drift, has been in films 4, 5 and 6. But it takes place after the credits, so don't turn off the movie too soon. And while the first film is still probably the best of the series, the last three films have been a welcome direction for the franchise and each one better than the one before it. I'm really looking forward to where they go with 7.

Of course, there is now also a bit of morbid curiousity to see how they recover from the unfortunate death of Paul Walker. And while I hope that Walker's legacy is ultimately his charity work and REACH OUT Worldwide, being the center, half of the heart & soul of Universal's biggest movie franchise isn't too shabby either.

Universal didn't skimp on the extras. The Blu-ray has full director commentary and a bunch of other extras. Fast & Furious 6 will make a welcome addition to your action film collection.

Review by Jason Pace
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