Final Destination 5

A group of people miraculously survive a horrific accident after one of them has a premonition that something is going to go wrong. Then, one by one, they start getting picked off, proving that you can’t really cheat Death. This is the premise from the Final Destination franchise we all know and love. Okay, so maybe you don’t love them but the series is five strong now so they must be doing something right.

Final Destination 5 is just like all the others in which a group of friends die in increasingly gruesome ways after learning that they were supposed to die in some massive catastrophe. In this case, it was a bridge collapse. Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto) and his coworkers are headed off for a company retreat but when he dreams that something is going to go wrong, a handful of them escape before his premonition comes true. Apparently Death isn’t finish with them yet because soon afterwards, mysterious coincidences start happening. Can they cheat Death a second time or has their fate already been sealed?

The Final Destination series isn’t really known for its riveting storyline or amazing acting. It’s known for the gruesome and bloody death scenes. In that aspect, Final Destination 5 delivers. The film is bloodier and more intense than all of the other films and best of all it’s in 3D.

Now 3D has always been considered a gimmick and just another way for theaters to get an extra few dollars but this is the type of film the technology was meant for. It’s the second film in the series to be filmed in 3D and this time they get it right. There are plenty of in-your-face death scenes involving blood splattering everywhere. The camera work is fantastic as it captures them at all the right angles. This is the kind of film where 3D makes is a whole lot better. You don’t care about how realistic the screen looks or being immersed in a film’s world. You just want to see eyeballs pop from their sockets and iron rods pierce someone’s torso.

The thing that makes Final Destination 5 work so well is that you’re always on the edge of your seat, waiting for Death to make his move. Rather than get the job done quickly, Death likes to orchestrate elaborate Rube Goldberg machines of death. Practically no one dies the way you would expect them to, and the whole sequence of each death is fantastic from start to finish. If you want to see creative ways for people to kick the bucket, Final Destination 5 is the way to go.

If you want to see a deep storyline with intricate and developed characters, you’re in the wrong theater. Horror icon Tony Todd once again returns to the films as the mysterious William Bludworth, a coroner who has seen the same thing happen before. This time, he tells the group that they can cheat death by killing someone else, essentially letting that person take their place. For their efforts, they’re given that person’s remaining lifespan.

Basically, this new rule adds a little twist to the franchise. It’s nothing special but it does keep the story moving forward. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning some of the details. Besides, you’re not supposed to think that deeply into it anyway. There are also a few other surprises that are sure to please Final Destination fans.

Final Destination 5 returns the series to its best with bloodcurdling deaths and eye-popping visuals, literally. Just don’t expect any Oscar nominations or such. Simply sit back and enjoy the ride because you never know when Death might be lurking at your doorstep.

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