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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The character was originally part of a Young Avengers proposal that Hester put together for Marvel Comics, initially conceived to be the son of Fin Fang Foom. ~Wikipedia

Duncan Rosenblatt, a half human half Kaiju hybrid, wants to be the average High School student. He’s got his problems with bullies, his crushes, and a small circle of friends. What little normalcy there is for Duncan goes right out the window when his Father returns to make Duncan his successor exposing Duncan’s secrets to the world. Now Duncan must stand between the human world and the Kaiju world in order to maintain a relative peace. Can Duncan be the hero both sides need?
FireBreather is a CGI film which has the look of those Barbie films that have been coming out periodically, but is a little better produced then Barbie. As this is all computer generated things like grain or soft shots get thrown right out the window. Definition is solid throughout which both enhances the character outline with razor sharp acuteness as well as gives some characters a flawed look (see any Kaiju). Color is solid and texture has its moments of life like quality (see Duncan’s red leather jacket) but there are a couple of spots in the film where oranges tend to smear out. Duncan’s skin color is naturally orange in the film and some of the desert shots which appear reddish orange in hue seem to collide in these few instances. Audio comes at you with a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack that’s pretty good though it lacks the capability to really offer a proper surround sound experience through a majority of the film which is a shame seeing as how this is an action film. Still for the demographic FireBreather is shooting for its fans will be satisfied.

~Deleted Scenes- I thought this section was pretty good. One interaction between Duncan and his Mother before prom was one of those beneficial must see moments that I’m sorry to see was omitted form the film.
~2D Animation Test- Mixing CGI with hand drawn animation here you get a glimpse at what FireBreather would have looked like had it gone hand drawn. Personally I preferred these hand drawn sections and would recommend you to check out this bonus feature to see how cool FireBreather would have looked in 2D.
~Animatics- Basic storyboard representation.
~Visual Development


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