Future Diary: Part One (Limited Edition)

Future Diary: Part One (Limited Edition)

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Imagine if you could tell the future simply by looking at your cell phone. Bullies planning on beating you up after school? Your cell will tell you when, where, and how. All you have to do is avoid being there. Someone looking to kill you in some horrible way? Look at your cell. 
Luck would have it that eleven people have been chosen to receive such a gift. The game is simple; use your phone to survive and avoid dead ends, snuff out the other 10 opponents and you become a God. Of course, it’s never that simple when it comes to these crazy shows. 
Future Diary is an amazing mix of paranoia, your usual boy meets obsessive girl, girl gets boy out of a whole heaping load of danger (she may be totally nuts of course), throw in a lot of blood, some brief nudity, a handful of curse words and your solid. 
While I did waver a bit at the beginning, what with the anime having so many of the usual quirks as its predecessors (think Sekirei (boy put in an unusual situation being guarded by a few babes who don’t always have his best interest in mind), Death Note( being able to control the future in a way), Eden of the East (Some odd stranger setting up a handful of people with incredibly awesome cell phones that are part of a game where only one can be the winner) ) the show quickly found its footing and separated itself from the crowd by balancing a seemingly perfect combination of paranoia, action, humor, and gore into its own little niche that set the series up to be one of a kind. 
Some interesting questions pop up along the way. Who is this strange girl and why does she want to protect our protagonist so much? What are these strange talisman that keep popping up for each character, effectively ending their turn in the game, and when they end, what’s up with their exit? That question alone leaves one to ponder what type of reality this series is set in. In any case I really look forward to the second half of the series to unveil the answers to all of the big questions. 
Bonus Features include: 
~Episode commentaries
~Textless opening and closing
~Bonus "Omake" short
~Limited Edition Cardboard case with filler art box
~Valentines Day Cards
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