Gallo: Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

(Rovo and System 7)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Have you ever listened to a band where you can't quite make up your mind on whether or not if you like them? That's about how I feel with the new album Phoenix Rising by the group Gallo. I've listened to the album quite a few times and with each time the last song plays I come to the conclusion that I have to listen to it again. The only reason I can figure out for this is that the music is just not making a strong impact on me and because of this I have not been swayed either way. Because of this impasse that I have come to I decided I would listen to the album again listening for the skill of the band in how they play the songs and how the vocals sound. Doing that made took some of the weight off of me trying to sort out my thoughts for this review.
So, how did the songs sound as far as playing and singing goes? Not that bad actually. It's odd that I can't quite decide on if I like them or not but I can hear that they have talent for the style of songs they play. That style is a techno/dance/pop song that would play well on the radio while also being an ok song for clubs. Most of the musical beats being played are closer to being a techno/dance song but it's the vocals and the lyrics that bring in the pop portion. At times the speed of the beats slow down to where there are a few songs that are the radio pop variety but the core sound of Gallo is a dance beat. They play the instruments well enough that I didn't hear any off keynotes and they have enough talent and skill so that the band has an established sound but not one that overtook me.
It could be that the reason that I don't quite have my mind made up about this bad is because there wasn't any catchy sound. This is a CD that I could have heard before at any number of dance clubs or on the radio without ever noticing that it was a different band. Sure they play good, the vocals are smooth without being whiney, but there's no moment that grabbed my attention. Phoenix Rising started, played, then ended and I was left with this sensation of missing the middle of the song because I hadn't had my interest peaked any. Maybe under the right setting or atmosphere I can listen to Gallo again and I would end up loving them or the flip side I could end up forgetting about them but either way for right now I just wasn't that impressed with the songs. They have skill for the mechainics of a song and can play their instruments better than most but they just don't have that catchy beat that makes me want to like the songs.


Lee Roberts
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