Gemma Ray: Milk For Your Motors

Milk For Your Motors

(Gemma Ray)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gemma Ray, singer, songwriter, and guitar player has a trifecta of coolness with first her name, it's just cool, then the title of her new and fifth album, "Milk For Your Motors", and the songs on the album. Now, she might not had any say over her name but as far as the title of the album and the music she plays on it, she shows her creativity on both. "Milk For Your Motors" is a unique album that has songs that will put the listener on a ride through emotions that range from fun quirky beats to moments of passion. Gemma Ray has a flair for songs that draw you into the song with her voice that's just sultry and seductive as well as being strong and sure of herself.
This album does seem to be more of a emotional set of songs where Gemma Ray is singing about relationships. These lyrics are about being in a relationship or getting out of one where it seems like I'm getting the history of her own personal relationships. Which I'm betting is the case because that's what artist draw on with their art, their own personal experiences, and in this case it's the emotions she had while in or out of relationships. This style song can be tricky to do because it's either filled with too much love or dislike, sometimes there's a good blend of sound and lyrics where  the song works out but usually not. However, Gemma Ray does more than just sing about a relationship, she really does put the roller coaster of feelings into the songs.

I like how this album is unique because the songs do change with the way they are played and sound throughout the album. This is not an album that has one style or set of emotions being played. Instead you get a serious tone, a happy tone, a light hearted tone, while also having some pop, blues, indie, and even some twang in the way the songs are played. This album really does show the levels of emotions that someone can go through but what I like the most is how Gemma Ray has been able to intertwine the different sounds in the songs. Having some songs that include talking and the different tempos had me listening intently to every song. There are some dark songs on the album but for the most part the mood is one of fun quirky sounds that are so very catchy. As for the vocals, well I might have just said that I liked the different sounds the most, the truth is it's the vocals of Gemma Ray that I like the most. Her voice is sexy, it's seductive, it's strong, it's smooth, it's entrancing and I can't get enough. She has her vocals going at the right tempos, the pitches from high to low, notes that are held for a little bit to the quick ones, she has it all down to where these songs can't get any better.

Lee Roberts
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