Glorious 39 (BLU-RAY)

Glorious 39

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Running Time: 
128 minutes

Glorious 39 follows the wealthy Keyes household during the brink of World War II in Great Britain. Opinions are divided and while the majority of the family wants to appease Nazi Germany, Anne doesn't see things that way. Her loyalty in question, she uncovers a secret plot within her family that puts her in danger.

The film is shot in a style reminiscent of classic Victorian-era films. I half expected to see Keira Knightley show up at some point. The elegant costumes, the vast landscaping shots, and the soft colors all contribute to create this rustic feeling of being in the 1930s. Scenes appear to have a wash of color surrounding them. In the beginning, there's an orange tinge to many of the scenes. As the film progresses and we start to unravel the secrets, things shift to more of a blue. Because of this, there isn't a lot of color variety on screen at any given point. Also, the blacks have a grainy aspect to them that could have been done better.

-Cast Interviews (55 minutes)
-Behind the Scenes Footage (7 minutes)

The cast interviews are some of the best around and talk with the majority of the main cast involved with the film. They discuss a good amount of content about the film that you might not have picked up while watching it. The behind the scenes footage is about as literal as you can get. It's basically some person with a hand camera filming everything that goes on in one particular scene. Actors and crew are doing whatever they would do normally. It's very candid.

Overall, Glorious 39 is a decent film that has its moments but doesn't particularly shine on the Blu-ray format. If you enjoy the film and would like to know more, the bonus features do well at giving at deeper look at the backstory. While it may be labeled as a thriller, think of it more as a historic drama. Otherwise, you might be fooled into different expectations.

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