Glory Daze (PREVIEW)

Glory Daze is an uncoming sitcom on TBS that takes you back to the good ol' college days in 1986 at Hayes University. It follows a group of Freshmen students and their wild parties. The first episode introduces many of the characters we expect to see over the course of the season and has them selecting a fraternity.

At first glance, I was a bit weary of Glory Daze. Within, the first few minutes of the show, they had already covered just about every stereotype with college; entire family saying good-bye to the first born son, crazy frat parties going on in the middle of the day, getting embarrased by your parents, etc.I was afraid that this was all it was going to be. Fortunately, that wasn't the entire case.

Once the stereotypes were done with, the show can actually be quite funny. It may be your typical sex, drugs, and alcohol humor but regardless, it will still get a laugh out of you. Comedians Tim Meddows and David Koechner have great guest appearances as well. It's not the funniest thing on television but there's room for improvement.

Another interesting thing about the show is the fact that it takes place in 1986. There will be plenty of references to future technologies, such as email, that wil make you crack a smile because we already know how things turn out. These references, I feel, are the only thing that remind you that what you're watching takes place so long ago. Other than that, there isn't much to differentiate the time period.

Overall, Glory Daze isn't as fresh as comedy as I was hoping for but it doesn't disappoint either. It's sort of a American Pie meets Van Wilder minus the R rated material. There are defintiely some laughes to be had although it's too soon to tell if the show has a future or not.

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Matt Rodriguez
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