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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Going To The Sun, that's not a statement of where I'm headed to, nor is it a question wondering if someone is going. Nope, what that is, is the name of a band as well as being the band’s name for their debut album, "Going To The Sun". This debut album is one that has 9 songs on it where it is kind of similar to the emotions experienced while taking a road trip. If you have driven on a road trip that last no less than 2 hours but can go up to driving 15 hours or more, then you know the feelings that I am talking about. Those feelings where you first start the trip you are happy, you're mood is great, you are pumped to get this trip going. Then as the miles inch by and the time slowly chugs along with you, those feelings you have go from excited to being in the groove with the driving, to when will I get there, and finally to the closure of being where you want to go.
That's the best way I could come of up the emotions that are being put into the songs on this album. It starts off with a good upbeat track, it has good fun energy, and then each song from that point changes not only with the tempos, the moods, but also the style of music being played. This is a versatile band, ok, maybe not quite versatile, more like a band that has the skill to play a few different styles other than just the one that they start off with. Going To The Sun plays some rock, little bit of modern popular folk (I call it this because though technically it is folk music, it's the kind that has been popularized so that it's used in coffee houses, local record shops, places that make it where the music seems like you're in this cool place that plays more than just elevator style music), and they do it with some decent skill.
This is a fun album, not great, it's not going to be one that you say has changed the way music will be heard and played from this point on, but it is one that would be fitting in those coffee shops and book stores. Both the vocals and the instruments mesh will together where one is not sounding out of synch or place from the other. The lyrics of the songs also have some meaning to them so that you're not just listening to a song that has sounds that are good to the ear, you get songs that are good for the brain as well. Maybe not thinkers of songs, I wasn't wondering if there is some hidden meaning to the lyrics, but I did like the fact that the songs have some meat to them. It's a fun album, like I said the songs have substance, which is pretty good considering a lot of songs that are fun, they are also just fluff for music, but this is an album that's fun and has something to listen to.

Lee Roberts
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