Gossip: Music For Men

Music For Men

Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Music For Men, well, that’s the title of the CD by the band Gossip that I just finished listening to. Being a man and one that likes music I was curious as to what kind of music this CD was going to be playing. What I got after listening is that it’s just music for anyone really, so not sure where the title Music For Men comes from or why it’s used for the title.

The songs however are just a typical indie rock or pop punk style and nothing outstanding. Though they are not bad either, just nothing really stood out on the CD to me. Some of the songs had similarities to other bands of pop punk style but for the majority of the CD it was a well played list of songs.

The vocals are being performed by Beth Ditto who has a good set of vocal cords on her that makes the songs sound good. She sings these songs with some feeling and what I always like, energy and fun. Beth Ditto has an almost girly sound to her voice as well as a strong smooth sound as well.

Backing up Beth Ditto are the instruments that is what really makes the songs worth listening to. These instruments have that good beat to them that even the vocals were taken away they would still be able to stand alone and sound good. On the 13 tracks there’s a good mixture to the sound being played by the instruments of the songs. Not only that but each of the instrument blend well together without one stepping on the others.

Though after I finished listening to Music For Men I just ended up thinking that they were just ok. I’m not sure exactly what is missing that would make Gossip go from being just ok to being a mega hit band but at least they have enough talent to be able to make some decent and fun songs to listen to. And as an added bonus, if you want to know the lyrics to the songs just open up the pamphlet and get to reading cause the lyrics are all wrote inside.

Lee Roberts
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