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Tuesday, September 6, 2011
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Alternate Ending, Deleted Scenes, Anatomy of a Scene, Commentary

A once CIA agent Erik Heller (played by Eric Bana) has been raising his daughter Hanna (played by Saoirse Ronan) in seclusion of the freezing landscapes in Finland. Over the years in the wild, Erik has taught his daughter Hanna to be able to take care of herself in any situation from hunting her own food to being able to stop an attack even in her sleep. All her training has been to create a perfect assassin in Hanna so she can be prepared for when he sends her on her mission across Europe. With agents on her trail and her fathers, Hanna makes her way for the first time in a world she has never experienced outside of a book while other agents wanting her dead pursue her and her father.

Hanna was a movie that had a plot that was both predictable and not so predictable. It’s an action movie that has the main star of it a female that can take down nearly everyone that approaches her. That’s the predictable part because this movie does have a lot of action in it where the character Hanna is going around being a ultimate assassin. What was not so predictable was the whole reason why she was being trained to become an assassin. What I thought was the reason ended up not being the reason, not even close to what it really was.

Which actually made me enjoy the movie even more because I didn’t know what was going on and I really didn’t. Having the plot with some mystery to it can be a good point and it pretty much works for this movie but there were moments that I would have liked a little more information. Not enough where it was going to give anything away before it was the right time but just enough so I was left in the dark until near the end of the movie. This is how the plot flows, keeping any real answers from the viewer until the end. If this had been a movie with less action in it I would have become very bored with it very quickly. However, there’s enough action at the right times that kept me interested in the movie without losing me even though I didn’t know where it was leading to.

Saoirse Ronan gives a great performance as the main character Hanna, a girl who has been raised to be the ultimate assassin while not knowing how to experience the real world. She gave the character a believable reality of someone who was naive to the world with some innocence to her yet someone who held no qualms about killing someone, and oh does she kill some people in this movie. As for the other 2 characters, the father Erikbeing played by Eric Bana and the character of Marissa Wiegler being played by Cate Blanchett where both unbelievable in their roles. Though Eric Bana does not have that much screen time when he does he acts like he’s a plank of wood. This could be the way the character is supposed to be, emotionless, cold killer, but the way he looks on the screen is someone that is trying to make the character be tough so walks around with a stiff upper lip. As for Cate Blanchetts performance, it was about the same but the accent that she had that kept coming and going was just horrible. I didn’t once believe that her character could do what she was doing other than when she was messing up, which fit the character that Cate Blanchett did.

Though I wasn’t too thrilled with the performance given by some of the actors and the plot had some moments that should have been worked on, the quality of the movie on Blu Ray was done pretty well. What made me like the picture quality on this Blu Ray was all the dark scenes where there was no noise or grain seen in the picture. There are moments where the movie has some good cinematography were made all the better because of how clear and crisp the picture quality is on this Blu Ray. On the downside though, the audio levels on this Blu Ray was not better than a DVD. I didn’t have to turn the volume up and down while listening but I did have to turn it up at the start to be able to hear what was going on and there it stayed. Along with the good picture quality on this Blu Ray, the extra features where somewhat decent as well. For me it was having an alternate ending that I liked more than the deleted scenes but they were still good. 

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