Heart & Friends: Home for the holidays

Home for the holidays

(Heart & Friends)
Release Date: 
Monday, November 10, 2014

Heart is a band comprised of Ann Wilson and her younger sister Nancy Wilson. They had numerous hit songs in the 70’s such as “Barracuda,” “Even it up,” and “Kick it out.” In addition, they have released numerous albums, been on numerous tours, and have a huge loyal fan base. Their latest release is a bit different than their usual albums because it is “Heart & Friends” instead of Heart alone, is a holiday album and is titled “Home for the holidays,” and includes both a CD and DVD of their concert in Seattle. If you are a Heart fan, this is the perfect gift for you or the other Heart fans in your life.
Heart is a very talented band with vocals that work so well together in perfect harmony. Also, the instrumentals were more than enough to get me in the mood for the holidays. The special featured guest included Sammy Hagar, Pat Monahan (from Train), Richard Marx, and Shawn Colvin. Pat and Richard fit perfectly with Heart and brought so much to the songs while Sammy and Shawn felt a bit out of place. My other gripe was how they added some of their rock hits and “Stairway to Heaven” towards the end of the CD. They were well done and are great songs, but did not exactly fit in with the whole holiday vibe.
For the most part, “Heart & Friends: Home for the holidays” was a nice treat for Heart fans and those looking for a good holiday album. However, tracks 11-13 might take you out of that mood and make you want to rock out. Heart fans can expect to hear their favorite band’s talented voices singing holiday songs and bringing Christmas cheer. I would listen to this album again and highly recommend it if you are a Heart fan. For those reasons, I am giving this CD a “B.”

Paul Arca
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