Hitman 2: Silent Assasin

Hitman 2: Silent Assasin

Ship Date: 
Wednesday, October 2, 2002

For the right price you may find your friend in your sights. With a sense of loyalty and justice he's back! Are you ready? 47 ( the main character) has hung up his gear and took refuge in a Sicilian Monastery. That is until his friend, a priest, was abducted by the Cosa Nostra. Time for payback. You make contact with your former employer who will provide you with the information you need but, you must perform a small job for them first. What? You think you get it for free? This is a top secret agency you're dealing with. Nothing comes free. Before you know it, you're back to work for the Agency. After a brief run through of the controls and actions you're traveling the world, getting closer to your friends whereabouts. You travel to places like Malaysia, Japan, and the Middle East. The whole object of the game is "stealth". If you're good enough to complete certain objectives without being detected and earn a rank of silent assassin, you'll be rewarded with some really cool new weapons that you won't find anywhere in the game.

I found this to be a extremely challenging game to play. It was a bit awkward at first due to the third-person view, and trying to remain undetected was difficult but not impossible. The graphics are descent and the movement appears to be a bit sluggish. The controls are good and user friendly. The one thing I found to be a bit drab was the fact that when you change your clothes to blend in, sometimes the guards just open fire on you and you're doing nothing to arouse suspicion or provoke them. There are enough levels to keep you occupied for sometime. And if you beat the game on easy try the harder ones. The AI is only slightly increased but you don't have the benefit of starting with the silent weapons, which makes it tougher to attack. Be sure to hold on to your weapons because if you beat the level with the weapons in your inventory then they will be available to you for your next mission. You will see that in your shack at the monastary, the outlines of all the weapons in the game. You have to collect them. This can be difficult to aquire them all because you are only allowed to carry one rifle at a time. This includes shotguns, golf clubs, katanas, pretty much all two handed weapons. Remember, stealth is key to move about freely and complete objectives.

One bit of advice concerning weapons that have a scope. You will see that he is very shaky when trying to snipe his target. Be patient he will gain control and steady himself enough to hit the mark. Know when to be aggressive and when to wait.

Do you have what it takes to be a "Silent Assassin"?

Review by Michael Oberth