Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda

On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Running Time: 
121 minutes

Paul Ruesabagina is the manager of a 5 Star hotel in Rwanda in 1994 when a clash between the Hutus and the Tutsis erupts. The Hutus begin slaughtering the Tutsis and they have no other choice but to flee and hide. Paul realizes the situation and opens the hotel up to the Tutsis. While the world stood back and did nothing Paul helped save 1,200 people and find ways to get them out of the country.

Don Cheadle is phenomenal in this film and makes the movie moving and inspirational. And while this movie is important due to the real story behind it Hollywood has slightly sugar coated it taking away the full impact of the story. But even with that it is a movie to see ranking up there with the obvious Schindler’s List. The special features on this DVD are worth looking into. There is commentary on select scenes by Don Cheadle and Wyclef Jean, but there is full commentary by the director and the real life Paul Rusesabagina. The making of feature is more like a documentary and great to watch. But the best feature on this DVD is the “Return to Rwanda”, a documentary taking a look at what happened, where it happened, and Paul Rusesabagina walks around the cameramen showing them places and giving his account. This feature gives a more accurate account of the horror that took Rwanda.

Review by BT Wood