In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds

In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds

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Monday, January 16, 2012
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96 minutes
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A prophecy has been foretold that the man from the time beyond will be the one to slay the witch. Granger (played by Dolph Lundgren) is taken from his time in the present to be brought to the past to fulfill the prophecy but with the evil forces coming after him, he might not be able to do what he has been foretold of. Even his training during his time as a Special Forces solider does not prepare Granger as he fights against sorcery, evil ninja warriors, and a dragon that all want to stop him on this quest that he has been put on during the past that could change everything in the future.

In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds did something that I was not expecting this movie to be able to do, keep me guessing at what was going on. Ok, well that might be a little overstating it because what it really did was just kept changing who I thought was the bad guy into the good guy. Though the plot itself was a bit muddled, it turned out to be an ok movie. I was not surprised though at the acting given by the lead actor Dolph Lundgren, which is like it’s always been in every single one of his movies, raspy, harsh, and no emotion.

Now Dolph Lundgren might not be the best of actors in movies but he does know how to make a fun action movie. This is one of those movies that the plot really don’t matter that much, what does is that we get to see the main character going around being a tough guy beating up and killing anyone that stands in his way. Which is exactly what Dolph Lundgren does in this but the one fight that I actually wanted to see never happened. That would be with King Raven’s (played by Lochlyn Munro) guard who was out to get Granger from the moment he stepped foot in the past out of the portal and made it very clear that he only wanted to kill Granger. Only problem is that fight never happened. Oh sure they kind of scuffle some but that big fight that would have shown who of the two was the best (which I would have guessed being Granger being that he’s the main character) of fighters. As for the fights that occur in the movie, which seems to take up most of the movie, are fun to watch even though they are not too well played out. There are moments in the fights where one guy took a swing about 3 feet above the head of Granger or times that Granger would be making a counter strike even though the strike hasn’t even been started.

What just had me mystified about this movie was how causal everyone was treating time travel. Granger, who all of a sudden has this ninjas in his house attacking him gets sent back in time through this floating portal where he lands and the first thing that happens is he’s attacked by guys with swords. Yet he just seems to be ok with it all, being back in time, having to fight against magic, and a dragon, it’s all just another day. Not only that but the people in the past don’t seem to mind or care that there’s a guy from the future there. No one is trying to get information from him, there was one person who tried to kill him but it wasn’t because he was from the future and thought of as some evil demon but only because of the prophecy. Though I did like the dragon, it wasn’t in the movie for long but it looked decent, not as real as I’ve seen in some movies but also better than most of these lower budgeted movies. By the end In the Name of the King 2 kind of wrapped up the story, it at least explained why it was Granger that was picked to go to the past, and it was left open for a third movie.

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