Is This A Zombie?:  Season One (Limited Edition)

Is This A Zombie?

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ayumu was pleasantly living his life when an unknown killer drove a sword through his body, leaving him for dead. That sucks. Fortunately a necromancer who he befriended, through break dancing and rapping, has brought him back to life. Unfortunately Ayumu is now a zombie. Why not?

In this day and age of Hollywood turning monsters into fluffy cuddly little twerps, it’s pretty hard to get excited when a new monster themed show pops up, and oh boy is “Is This A Zombie?” monster themed. I’m talking zombies, monsters called Megalo’s, Vampires (that are also ninjas), and even a superhero type character who somehow manages to lose her power to our zombie friend, turning him not only into a zombie, but a cross dressing zombie. Yikes!

Despite the show taking on the current fad of incorporating a monster theme into its fold, Is This A Zombie? Managed to win me over with witty humor, well played innuendo’s, a perfect voice over casting, and making old idea’s seem new with suspenseful revelations that help move the series along.

Ayumu is a zombie, true, but his undead life also gives him the opportunity to find his killer. Who can it be? Over the course of the show we run into many would be psycho killers and vicious monsters. It’s also pretty cool to see what he can do with his zombie powers, as well the comedy of his inherited power to suddenly cross dress. Okay that's not all he can do with that power.

Sure, our male lead is a bit of a pervy young boy, no shortage of those in anime, but Austin Tindle manages to give Ayumu such a bland deadpan delivery in his lines and quick change up of dialogue delivery to give Ayumu the kind of character that makes him less deplorable then the cookie cutter pervy anime boys in other less interesting shows. Plus, his harem of lady friends also supply the right equation of kick ass and innocent allure with their own stories that it makes them less cartoonish and more geared towards moving the story forward.

I ended up really like this show. It’s funny, the writing is there, its got action and suspense. From what I see on-line there is another season of the show so I’m looking forward to seeing some of that. It’s as good as this season. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.


AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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