Jeremy Fisher: Goodbye Blue Monday

Goodbye Blue Monday

(Jeremy Fisher)
Release Date: 
Wednesday, August 1, 2007
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I have been a fan of Jeremy Fisher for some time now and even with that being said I can honestly admit that it does not bias my professional opinion of his new album Goodbye Blue Monday.

Its artists like Fisher that really do not leave room for criticisms that are reserved for most of the bands coming out these days. Fisher utilizes his time on each track, crafting around his personal lyric’s with a blend of style on vocals as well as instruments. As a listener you truly get the sense that what your hearing is a piece of art created out of reflection and inspiration. What I loved most about this album is its ability to dip slightly into other genres of music while still keeping the album relatively solid. 16MM Dream for example has a very country feel to it while a track like Jolene has an easy going fun feel that can be compared to the likes of The Rolling Stones. Its artists such as Fisher that really give me hope that the love for music, not just an urge to be noted as being in a band, is on the rise again amongst young singer, songwriters. Goodbye Blue Monday is an absolute must have.

AJ Garcia
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