Jonas: Rockin’ The House Volume 1


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Bonus Features

Bonus Episodes “Beauty And The Beast” & “Cold Shoulder”

Three oh so dreamy idols for pre-teens “rock stars” attempt to have just a normal life. They go to “high school”, they deal with crazy fans, they have crushes, and they sing songs. All normal run of the mill type stuff.

First imagine the high school more along the lines of “Saved By The Bell” as they never really go to class, the main characters of the show seem to be the ones that do everything for the school, and the “drama” that happens is more elementary maybe middle school at best. As far as story goes there is very little of it. Pretty much each episode provides the guys with a way to sing one sub-par generic pop song about their worries and some kind of gag that goes on for way too long. Want an example? Alright then. As they sing a song about a girl she is wearing angel wings, for the entire song they find all sorts of ways for her wings to knock things over, close things, knock people down, and keep her from getting through doors. It is just so much shtick.

This is a case of a family friendly show that may just be too family friendly. It’s almost like they are so afraid to do anything that could ruin their image so there is just no substance to it at all. Everything is shallow, weak, and badly acted. Parents will probably love it for their kids, and very young girls will probably swoon at the idea of the Jonas; but I would be shocked that girls that are the age of the Jonas Brothers or even several years younger even pay them any attention.

One final note. There will only be one group like The Beatles (or The Stones, Led Zepplin, etc) and that is the way it should be. You should make it on your own merits not the fact that you played off of someone else’s fame. So personally when I see that the Jonas have a bed in the floor and other slight characteristics that were used in houses for The Beatles in their movies my stomach turns (not to mention all the other ways they strive to be The Beatles). You want to be huge, famous, stand the test of time? Work on your music, write stronger songs, and please pave your own path.

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