Jourdan Myers: Ruin Me With Love

Ruin Me With Love

(Jourdan Myers)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Jourdan Myers releases her follow up to 2011’s Chasing The Sunset with Ruin Me With Love, a brilliant album that features immaculate vocals and a very broad spectrum of sound that refuses to allow the album to fall into a rut of just being categorized by one genre. 
My first go with the album and I was pleasantly surprised to not be bombarded by ukulele, cute vocals/lyrics, and soft piano. Instead of going to formula, like so many do these days, Myers bypasses the bubblegum sentiment to dive deeper into the complexities of true human emotion that stems from a direction like being told a passionate story by someone you want to get to know. 
My favorite part of the album is that Myers’ vocals are so amazingly diverse and the music on the album is masterfully crafted in all directions giving the music both character and a unique blend of sounds that differ from song to song. I was completely thrown all around my own musical universe from Grand Ol’ Opry to Sondre Lerche. I felt like the music and the vocals were trying to outdo one another and the genius behind the soundboard was able to capture it all in one fluid level of sound. 
Myers has her album up on Bandcamp, where it is available for purchase, as well as at Amazon and probably a ton of other outlets that carry music. I would highly suggest checking her out. Amazing stuff. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
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