Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

In Theatres: 
Feb 10, 2012
Running Time: 
1 Hour, 34 Minutes

Jules Verne is considered the pioneer of the science fiction genre with his adventurous stories that take readers to the center of the Earth, under the deep blue sea, and to mysterious islands. 2008’s Journey to the Center of the Earth starring Brendan Fraser was a critical success and hinted at a possible sequel involving the search for Atlantis. Is this the mysterious island Journey 2 takes audiences to then?

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island sees a more grown up Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) embark on another adventure. While Brendan Fraser’s character is left out of the picture, Dwane “The Rock” Johnson steps in as Sean’s stepdad and overall manly man. In an effort to bond with his new son, Hank (Johnson) decides to entertain Sean’s extreme fantasies and go and look for some mysterious island out in the middle of the ocean. Turns out they weren’t fantasies after all soon the pair find themselves trapped on the island with their new tour guide friends. Nothing is what it appears to be on the Mysterious Island, and Hank may be getting more of a bonding experience than he bargained for.

With bees the size of a small car and elephants the size of a puppy, it’s evident where the Mysterious Island gets its name. Journey 2 provides a family friendly experience that is sure to keep the kids entertained. For the adults, however, there is little to latch onto. The humor is very cut and dry and geared towards getting a quick laugh. There are a few intense action scenes involving volcanos, giant birds, and electric eels. For some kids, this could end up being too intense.

Surprisingly, the 3D on Journey 2 works well. The lush landscapes look beautiful in the extra dimension and many of the special effects are tailored to the technology. Do you absolutely have to see it in 3D? Not necessarily, but it doesn’t hurt when given the option.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island may not leave any long lasting impressions, but if you’re looking to keep the family pleased for a couple out hours it’ll do the trick. With the likes of Michael Caine, Dwane Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens, and Luis Guzmán for comic relief, there’s something in it for everyone. 

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