Just My Luck

Just My Luck

On DVD: 
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Running Time: 
103 minutes

Ashley has luck that people would kill for. She always wins the lottery, finds money, gets the breaks, receives promotions at her job, and finds the deals on clothes. Jake has the worst luck imaginable. From being caught in the rain, to almost being run over by cars, constantly being bruised, and the numerous misunderstandings that have him in jail you have to wonder how he keeps going. But then one night at a masquerade ball Ashley and Jack share a kiss. This transfers Ashley’s good luck and Jake’s bad luck to the other. Ashley soon after loses her job, apartment, and is arrested. Now she must find the mysterious man she kissed and try to get her luck back.

This DVD has both the full and wide screen versions for those that care. The story isn’t new and the acting isn’t phenomenal. But some of the crazy out there situations of bad luck can be amusing. For fans of McFly you will want to see Just My Luck since the band actually has a decent size role and not just a cameo. There are three deleted scenes a little funny; but certainly needed to be cut to keep the story moving. There is also a making of and a look at the band McFly. As far as Lindsay Lohan movies go this isn’t her best one; but it isn’t horrible either.

Review by Justin Anthony