Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

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Feb 11, 2011

Perfect 3D effects and an excellent study of the differences between Bieber and just another teen sensation help make this film one of the more surprising underdogs this season.

Fame happens to few people in this world. Some try their whole life to be something and don't succeed. Some try for years and finally make it big, selling out venues across the nation. But there is one artist who can make it big at 15, sell out arenas worldwide, sell over a million copies of his albums and take over the world. That artist is Justin Bieber. And along with the music and fame, he stars in the new 3D documentary, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. 

Most of America is familiar with Justin Bieber. It's almost impossible to turn on the radio or television without hearing his name. When Justin was just a small boy, he had a remarkable sense of rhythm. As he got older, he mastered the drum set and began to sing more. Performing outside of restaurants and at talent shows, family members began filming these events and uploading them on Youtube. At just 15, Justin was picked up by manager Scooter Braun thanks to his Youtube videos of singing current songs such as Ne-Yo and Lifehouse. Almost instantly, he became a sensation. Most people credit his voice, but insiders of the music industry say his face, his "perfect" hair and his infectiously upbeat attitude was the key to his success. Never Say Never follows Justin around the United States while on his 2010 tour and shows off who he really is and how he handles the pressure of being a music sensation at just 16. 

No one expected a film like this to work. Clearly it's just pieces of footage that will help young girls lose their voices and further his idol status, right? Wrong. Never Say Never is actually an inspiring look at who Justin Bieber really is. Yes, it still maintains the level of teen sensation that fans would originally go to this movie for. But at the heart, it's a look at how technology and determination lifted this canadian teen into the world's most famous name today. As a documentary, Never Say Never holds together extremely well. Interviews with his family and tour management bring a sense of reality that otherwise would seem phoned in. Along with friends and family, other celebrities drop their stories of Justin and why he truly deserves the fame he is so heavily receiving. Snoop Dogg, Usher and Miley Cyrus are just a few of the A-list artists who find inspiration in Bieber's success. Throughout the runtime of Never Say Never, Justin becomes infectious in not just his music, but his attitude towards life and his fans. 

Aside from the quality of the documentary and Bieber's celebrity status, the other selling point of Never Say Never is the 3D. Is it just some excuse to get more people to come out and raise ticket prices? Sure, probably. But the 3D is actually done in an incredibly tasteful and immersive fashion that help the story feel like a one-on-one storytelling experience rather than a documentary. The live concert footage looks the best though as fireworks, explosions and lights come flying at the screen every which way. Never Say Never was actually filmed with a 3D camera rather than post-conversion, like so many big-budgeted films have done (Clash of the Titans, Alice In Wonderland). For a film that decides on a 3D release, it is presented in a fashion that 3D was ultimately designed for. 

Prior to the screening I attended, I was under the belief that Bieber is just another teen pop-star that eventually fade away. But after watching Never Say Never, my beliefs were questioned. Justin is a kid who followed his dreams and only did what made him happy. Thankfully, his voice and looks didn't hurt his chances are a pop sensation. Look past the teen following and listen to his music. What REALLY sets this artist apart from some of the larger acts that are celebrated worldwide by all? 

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D is a film that will change your opinion on the canadian pop star. Perfect 3D effects and an excellent study of the differences between Bieber and just another teen sensation help make this film one of the more surprising underdogs this season. 

Ryan Sterritt
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