Last Day of Summer

Last Day of Summer

On DVD: 
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Running Time: 
105 minutes

Summer is that wonderful time of year where when school is out of session and it's the perfect weather to go to the beach. Unfortunately for Gregory (DJ Qualls), he's stuck cleaning toilets at a dead end fast-food job.

As the title suggests, it's the last day of summer and he has had enough after being fired. In extracting he revenge, he is accidentally forced to kidnap the lovely Stefanie (Nikki Reed). What proceeds, no one could have expected.

DK Qualls has always been cast as the geeky and weak looking character, and Last Day of Summer is no exception. He's constantly being taken advantage of and walked up, even when he is supposed to be the one in charge. That's the stuff that makes sense. Everything else with the story, not so much.

How realistic is it for a kidnapped girl to get along all chummy with their kidnapper? The film borderlines on the ridiculous with its unreal themes. This would be fine if it wasn't trying to be so serious in the first place. The acting itself is decent and Qualls and Reed work well on screen. It's just the plot that makes watching the movie so bland.

Last Day of Summer manages to do a few things alright but screws up others greatly. There really are no surprises with this movie. This is one movie to skip over should you come across it.

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Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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