Liz Kennedy: Speed Bump

Speed Bump

(Liz Kennedy)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Most people, myself included, will think that bands are started when the members are young, maybe right out of high school or in college, at least in their 20's. For the bands that are older, ones that have members in their 40's or above are usually the bands that have been around for awhile. This is not the case for Liz Kennedy. She started her musical career later in life but just because she is no longer in her 20's that don't mean she can't write some meaningful songs. Not all music is being influenced by the life you lead while being young and Liz Kennedy proves that with her new album, "Speed Bump".
This woman has a scratchy voice and when I say that I don't mean that shes bad or that she can't sing, I mean that she sounds like a blues singer would in a smokey blues club. Her voice has a sultry sound to it, one that is not the squeaky girly voice, she's has a voice of a woman that wants to seduce while also being strong. I'm not a big blues fan but when the songs are good it's hard not to enjoy the style of music that blues is. That's what Liz Kennedy has a strong voice that makes you take notice of her and the songs that she is singing.
This is not an album that has a high energy to the songs, it's more of a subtle vibe that makes the listener just want to listen. That's because the lyrics of these songs seem more personal and more meaningful then most of the younger bands. Liz Kennedy has her whole life to drawn on for her lyrics and it sounds as if she has done so. She is not giving a story about some frivolous day of hanging out or singing about nothing, these are songs that have a personal and real story to tell. Backed with some good instrumentals, "Speed Bump" was a decent album to listen to. I'm not big on the blues, even blues that has a folk edge to it because it don't have the high energy that I like in my music, but this was a decent album and would make for some relaxing background sounds.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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