On DVD: 
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Running Time: 
86 minutes

Jenny is a typical high school student with a typical crush on a pop star named Jason Masters. Over summer break Jenny and her best-friend Ryan decided to work at a resort in the Caribbean; unfortunately so did Alexis Jenny’s rival. When Jenny finds out that Jason Masters is staying at the resort she sneaks onto the boat cruise he is taking to get close to him; but a storm blows in and knocks them both overboard. When they wash up on shore they are sure that they are shipwrecked; but soon Jenny discovers they are a short distance from the resort. Determined to make Jason fall in love with her she lets him think they are still stranded. But soon Alexis discovers Jenny’s plan and becomes “shipwrecked” too.

This to me was similar to the goofy ‘80’s movies complete with the best-friend being in love with the main girl, her not noticing, and all the out there wacky situations the ensue. This may be a little too much wackiness for parents to get behind; but tweens will probably be all over it. I mean this is pretty much fluff and very average; but still pretty safe for a younger crowd to enjoy. There are also 3 deleted scenes and the trailer.

Review by Pandora
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