Mind Games (PREVIEW)

Mind Games

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Tuesdays @ 10PM ET
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Most people believe that they are in control of their own thoughts. They believe that they direct what they will do with their day, what choices they will make, how to make them, and just who they are. Brothers Ross Edwards (played by Christian Slater) and Clark Edwards (played by Steve Zahn) think differently regarding those matters. These two brothers are starting a company with the help of some friends that will change the lives of the people they help. What they will be doing is changing the minds of people to make them believe that they are doing something on their own will when in truth it's Ross and Clark that are making them do it. For them to accomplish this, both brothers will have to bring their skills to the table or their idea will fail putting them out of business and possibly in jail.

Here are the first three reasons why I like this new show Mind Games that will be airing on ABC. Number 1 is Christian Slater, number 2 is Steve Zahn, and number three they used “Jedi Mind Tricks” in the pilot episode twice. Yes, I am one of those that enjoys any moment that has a “Star Wars” reference thrown into it and not only does this pilot have it in there but they actually use it in a manner that makes it really true and where it might be a true thing that can be done. How the show accomplishes this is by the plot of the show, in fact the show could be called “Jedi Mind Trick” (though don't think that is legally possible), because what the two characters do on the show is trick people into doing something that they originally wouldn't have done before into doing it.

It's a good plot, one that I actually liked a lot, having people use truth, lies, fraud, and science/schooling to change peoples minds. Right now Mind Games is set up perfectly for a show. They have the two brothers, both love each other, but both are completely opposite. One tells the other everything while the other is keeping secrets that could possibly lead to them not liking each other anymore. One, Christian Slater (good choice for this role) is the one that has the more villainous side to him as he is the one that went to jail for 2 years for fraud, he don't mind using people, he will lie to get what he wants, and what he wants is money. Steve Zahn is the brother that has bipolar disorder that keeps him swinging in his emotions where no one knows how he is going to react but at the same time he's an expert in human behavior, psychology and knowing what to do/say to get people to do what he wants, for the most part. One wants to do good while the other wants to make money and if doing it in a good way or bad way means he will get it then he's fine with that.

This was a kind of show that I like because it keeps you on your toes. Not guessing, it's easy knowing that the end of the show they are going to get what they want, they are going to have some set-backs/problems in the middle, but it's not that knowing that makes the show good. It's not knowing how they are going to get there that made it fun to watch. Especially with Steven Zahn doing a role that he does very well, the over energized person that bounces off the walls and Christian Slater does play that shady guy who is on the edge of being a evil person and a good one. Both of these actors are good, especially when they get roles that fit them they are excellent. They took this show and made it feel like it was a movie, a short one that only lasted 43 minutes, but it still felt like a movie. Mind Games has a great plot idea, the energy and the pacing of it is intense, it keeps the show flowing at a quick pace while still have content. I like that there was moments in the show that allowed for a down time, a little breather between what Clark was going to do next, but it's that intense, what is going to happen next flow that I liked the most. There was almost nothing wrong with this show, almost nothing. One little thing at the end is something that I would have liked to have seen drawn out to at least the third episode but it still works. I can't wait to see how this show will develop.

Lee Roberts
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