ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers

(Sony Entertainment)
Ship Date: 
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When a game like ModNation Racers comes along, it is tempting just to write ‘go buy it’ and be done.

But that wouldn’t create much suspense and cause you to read the full review now, would it?

So, sit back and relax as we completely justify why every PS3 owner should have this game in their BluRay drive right now. Don’t worry, there will be moments of objectivity contained within…

ModNation Racers is a karting game. By that, we mean it follows the exact same rules as every other kart racing title we’ve seen. You get to race karts. You get to pick up weapons and use them against your competitors. You’re trying to win.

In that respect, ModNation Racers is certainly one of the very best karting games we’ve ever played. As slick and easy to control as anything you’ve ever seen with an Italian plumber at the helm, this is racing at its most fun and throwaway best.

Like other games in this genre, you can drift around corners – Tokyo-style – and doing so will help you to fill up your boost-meter. Whilst you’re in the air (and trust us, you will be in the air an awful lot) you can do tricks and spins that will also give your boost-meter a healthy kick in the positive direction. Your final chance to fill up the boost comes from successful attacks on your fellow karters.

All this latent boost has to go somewhere, and in ModNation Racers you can use it in one of two ways. The first is obvious – a turbo boost that sees you hurtling down the track at breakneck speeds. You may also use your boost to pull up a shield around you and your vehicle, helping to protect you against the nefarious hordes who are trying to chase you down and open up a six-pack of whup-ass on you.

The pickups in ModNation Racers offer a great deal of variety, and grabbing additional ‘pods’ will power-up your current weapon across three levels of awesomeness. For example, you may pick up a pod that gives you a speed boost. Picking up a second gives you a longer, stronger boost. The third, however, delivers a time-warping wormhole that’ll push you back up the field and into the heart of the action.

Other top-end weapons include a powerful sonic boom that travels down the track, an electrical storm that can take out multiple enemies at once and a rocket ’swarm’ that would worry a Sherman tank, let alone a tiny kart.


Review by DolphGB