Monday Mornings (PREVIEW)

Sometimes even being one of the top doctors around is not enough to save a life. No one knows this better than the staff at Chelsea General Hospital as they deal with every sort of sickness coming through the doors. Their only way of dealing with their own mistakes and others is by depending on each other to get through the tough moments of their jobs and lives. With every deed done the team of medical professionals meet every Monday morning to discuss all that has happened under their watch at the hospital. Chief of surgery Dr. Harding Hooten (played by Alfred Molina) oversees his crew and the meetings that could end their career if he finds out they are the ones to blame for the mistakes that kill.

Over the years there have been many drama shows about a hospital and/or the doctors that work in them and coming out on February 4 on TNT there's a new medical drama called Monday Mornings. Based off the novel by a practicing neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Monday Mornings follows the staff of Chelseas General Hospital. During their routines we get to see what happens at the hospital that makes them the doctors that they are. Along with the good there is teh bad but for these doctors a bad day on the job is having a patient die on them. Each have different ways of coping with failure at work and at home, some stay at th hospital more instead of going home, some use others to help, but all have to make the Monday meetings that are held by the chief of surgery to answer for everything they've done.

So, yeah nothing really new or original with Monday Mornings, the newest of hospital drama shows except for a cast that I actually like. The cast includes a neurosurgeon that's supposed to be one of the best around who is kind, caring, and knows how to treat people making him likeable, one is a workaholic, one is the knowledgeable doctor that helps out in work and home lives, and the hard nosed chief who wants to keep his staff running at full performance. Each episode uses the same building format where they put in the drama where someone’s life is always on the line and then showing how the doctors cope with what they do or the others did. The show starts right off with the intense feeling where we are shown a boy who had came in because of a minor accident that turns into finding a turmor on his brain. While this is going on the show swiftly puts in the meetings that the doctors go to, a funny case, and one doctor who is so serious that he's the comic relief, which he actually was funny.

If you've seen one medical drama than you've seen Monday Mornings. If you didn't like any of those previous medial drama shows than you probably won't like this one either because of how it keeps with the same style. I however have liked some of the medical dramas in the past and I did somewhat enjoy watching the first 3 episodes of Monday Mornings. I still don't care for the drama that the show puts out of it and the constant wondering who is going to die and how they are going to die on the show is tiresome. But, I did like the characters and the performances that are being given by all the actors. Ving Rhames, who is always the tough serious guy, is once again the tough serious guy but one with heart who cares for both the people coming to the hospital for help and the people that work there, was a nice add to the show. In fact the cast is made up of decent actors that make their characters interesting and carry the show instead of whatever emergency moment of drama is happening. This is what I liked about the show, the characters, not the drama, but lets hope that Monday Mornings don't fall into that hole of depending on the drama instead of the characters because if it does I won't be watching it.


Lee Roberts
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